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This website has been established for the purpose of making the Retiring Military Working Dog adoption process easier for those interested in giving a Forever Home to a deserving Veteran!
If you carefully follow the "The ABC's of MWD Adoption" --with a little perseverance-- you soon will be embracing your very own MWD !!!

Military  Working  Dog  Adoptions
 As a result of the passage of

 H.R. 5314 on 6 Nov 2000,

civilians can adopt a retiring

Military Working Dog! These 

wonderful animals can now
have a well-deserved retirement

with a loving family. Check out

how you can add a most deserving 

Veteran to your family!
 A Little Known Fact...
This is NOT an official Department of Defense Military Working Dog Adoption site. It         is based upon knowledge gained from personal MWD adoption experience.    

In Retirement, Our  Noble MWDs Merit the Same Quality of Love They Receive 

  During Their Years of Honorable Military Service...Truly They Are  Loved !!!

Military Working Dog Adoptions  is a private organization which provides this informational website for the adoption of MWDs and CWDs. Since 2008, we have helped more than 400 working dogs from all walks of life: Military, Contract, Border Patrol, Search & Rescue, TSA and Police K9s achieve the needed transport to their Forever Homes. We have assisted with various medical needs up to and including humane euthanasia and cremains preparation. We have also served as a failsafe for adopted K9 Heroes needing rehoming. We have been honored to help military K9s, Police K9s and Contract Working Dogs find Forever Homes as the need may arise.
K-9 H    E    R    O    E    S
'The MWD is a soldier, a partner, our defender, our friend. We are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be ours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. We owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.'                                                                           
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Highly Trained Military Dogs Meet Civilian Life After Service          'War Dogs' Switch From Bomb Sniffing to Playing Fetch
  Oct. 21, 2008                                                                       By Terry McCarthy
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         These are the eyes of TRUST and LOVE which defend America... 
HOW can we DO LESS than HELP our retiring MWDs find Forever Homes??


   ”I just wanted you to hear this from someone who's right in the thick of everything with these MWDs about just how much these dogs are loved while they're working. They really do get royal treatment that most people don't have the opportunity to see. The handlers love them and so do the vet staff. Yes, they are kept in kennels. No, they don't get to go home with someone every night….but while they are a military asset, they really aren't treated like property.  I've seen big strong military policemen reduced to tears when their dog was too hurt to be able to go on... I've seen an entire room full of policeman and veterinary staff tearing up like children because of it… 
These dogs are the center of attention while they are MWD's, and they are the number one reason that veterinarians exist in the military. It's the part of my job that I take the most pride in.”       
                                                                  Animal Care SGT,  U.S. Army                     
Many Soldiers have their TODAYS and TOMORROWS...
because of what an MWD DID for them YESTERDAY !!
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 Dec. 29, 2009                                                             "The Hannity Show"
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First Line of Defense  
Military Working Dogs Saving American Soldiers' Lives

2011 AHA HERO MILITARY DOG         MWD Adoptions Ambassador
      MWD Bino C152 (USA Ret.)
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