MWD Ringo C261's Journey "Home"

  I am a US Army Veterinary Technician in the San Diego Area, and there is currently a 9 year old Belgian Malinois that is available for adoption at our Military Working Dog Kennels. This guy's paperwork is complete, and he is ready to go to a forever home. He is a very sweet-natured 
and fun-loving dog that loves and gets along with all other animals including dogs and cats. He is active for 9 years old. We actually joke about him being a 3 year-old trapped in a 9 year-old's body...
  If you know anyone who would be interested, or if you would like more information regarding "Ringo", I would be happy to give you contact       information for the kennels and more medical info on the dog. This guy has been at the Kennels for a month now waiting to go home, but          unfortunately the Kennels are too busy to actively look for a home for him, so I have stepped in and am on a quest to send him to a loving home.
Thank you so much for your time,
CPL Marissa Vernon*
US Army Veterinary Technician
                                                                                 * Name has been changed...

On July 28, 2008, we received 
an email asking 
us to help 
MWD Ringo C261 find 
a loving
 "Forever Home" Working together with our partners,
MWD Ringo C261
who also believe 
these Hero MWDs deserve a FABULOUS
retirement, we found a home for "Mr. Ringo" within two weeks !!  
Here is MWD Ringo C261's story...
This is the email we received...
   So...we sprang into action...and on 17 August 2008, Ringo C261 prepared to go
   to his "Forever After Home" and to his new 'Mom', Kara Lounsbury in Colorado...             Ringo's last day as a Military Working Dog is chronicled below
                    as told by his friend, CPL Marissa Vernon*... 
Ringo's new life 
began at the 
kennels at 5:30 a.m. 
He quickly ate 
his breakfast...and the"bath process" began,so he would 
and sweet smelling 
for his new mommy...
As you can see, Ringo was very happy
to get out of his kennel! He was just so 
excited for us to love on him...even a 
BATH was GOOD to this sweet boy! 
 Once Ringo was all pretty and smelling good, they loaded him up in his kennel and gave him 
a bone...which MWDs aren't supposed to have while working in the military. Ringo is now "officially retired" and can finally have bones and chew toys.  He traveled so quietly, like 
he knew something special was ahead for him.
Ringo was dried,brushed,and "Furminated" 
     by his loving friend,CPL Vernon*.
A few hours later, Ringo met his new   travel buddies...Donna and Marvin.
 Ringo was beginning his journey to 
 Colorado in style...a luxury RV !!  

CPL Vernon* and MWD Ringo C261   said their final goodbyes...
Ringo jumped right into their RV, 
met his canine travel friend and 
settled right down on the carpet!  
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Newly Retired MWD Ringo did not look back,
nor seem a bit concerned...just content and happy.
His transporting "Angels" Donna and Marvin, said 
that Ringo was a wonderful cooperative boy, 
traveling so nicely, lying on his blanket, playing
with his toys and every so often laying his head 
          on Donna's lap for attention...   
 Retired MWD Ringo C261's
    SAYS IT ALL !!!!    

Ringo traveled from San Diego to Colorado to be with his new Mom, Kara Lounsbury at her picturesque prairie home. Ringo also had new Belgian Tervuren brothers and sisters with whom to play and hike...and the "Very Spoiled Dog Box" with endless           treats for all Good Dogs. Mom Kara emailed us when she got home...

Ringo's New Brothers and Sisters...
Kara wrote: 

 Ringo and I are home. I ended up taking all three boys with me to Utah to get him, the puppy, the youngin' and the old man. I figured he'd be fine with the girls, but should probably meet the boys on neutral turf. He was really 

 If you are interested in adopting a MWD HERO, feel free to contact us. While we personally have no MWDs to adopt out, we are always happy to give "pointers" and may actually be aware of a MWD (like Mr. Ringo) who needs a Forever Retirement Home!
This is NOT an official Department of Defense Military Working Dog Adoption site. It is based upon knowledge gained from personal MWD adoption experience.
    easy to travel  with. He's such a sweetheart...He was absolutely meant for me... and is forcing me
                            to stop typing and pet him right now... Ringo is just the right amount of sweet 
                                                        and ornery. I love him to pieces, already...
We truly believed Ringo had found "Doggy Heaven" on earth!  Mom Kara loved and 
cared for Ringo until October 2008 when a sudden, debilitating illness befell her
           which necessitated rehoming Mr. Ringo, our MWD Hero! 
                Military Working Dog Adoptions is ever ready to help! 
Enter TWO more ANGELS willing to give MWD Ringo C261 (Ret.) a Forever Home:                       Doug and Pam Davis of Michigan!
Doug and Pam made the arduous 40 HOUR round trip from their Michigan home to Colorado to bring Ringo to his new, wonderful Forever Home with their family!

  From the

looks  of  all

the smiles in

these photos,

MWD Ringo

C261 fits

right into his

 brand new

  family !
 ...both  human  and  doggy...
We feel CERTAIN that Ringo will live "HAPPILY EVER AFTER"                    with the loving Davis family !!!
               -- BUT WAIT --
                We've saved the BEST for LAST...
   Kuwait Veteran MWD Ringo C261 now lives in the home of  
        Vietnam Veteran MWD Handler Sgt Doug Davis ! 
They will understand each other as only Combat Veterans Can !!
1968 - 1969 
  Sgt Doug Davis  with
          his partner, 
    MWD Smoke 978X
         37th SPS K9
            Phu Cat
  Republic of Vietnam
Though 40 years have flown,
        the memory of Smoke ever                                              remains...
Doug Davis & MWD Ringo C261, Ret. 
With deepest gratitude, Military Working Dog Adoptions honors         Doug and Ringo for their years of dedicated service to 
                    the United States of America!
.Our Hero...
"He was a good dog and
                    sent me home safe..."
MWD Ringo C261 has made his TV DEBUT
  for VETERANS DAY 2008. We already             KNEW Ringo was a STAR !!
 Mr. Ringo gets a newly fenced-in back yard and squirrel 'friends' to chase!
WHY don't YOU
give a home to a 
Retiring MWD?? 
   C'mere Little
Squirrel! I just 
want to play...

          Dear Lord-- 
     I thank You for my 
 new home. Bless Pam 
 & Doug...and all my  people...and Lord...
 even bless 'ole Doc, 
      that silly cat !
            Amen !


   I just  LOVE

Ringo the War Dog
Retires to Traverse City
 by  Emily Betz Tyra     
     Jan 15, 2009  
      Ringo does it again as he is featured in the January 2009 edition of   
"Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine". Click Below to read the article...
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Photo:Todd Zawistowski